Thursday, August 9, 2012


Thank you all so much for checking out little Gobble's picture!!!  She also told
me she sends sweet puppy smacks to all of you for voting.

Just to let you all know,  I love and appreciate your comments.  I just do not know
how to respond to them.  I am new to this blogging stuff, and attempting to learn as
I go along.  I really do need to "study up" on proper blogging techniques, and do a
little better!!  So, please forgive me for my mistakes!!  If any of you all have any tips,
please leave a comment or link for me to check out!!

Also,  if any of you all would like to become followers of  me & Gobble, we would
appreciate "making new friends" also!!

This is a photo of Gobble and her  "boyfriend"  Scruffy.    He lives down the street,
and visits her every day. 

Everyone, enjoy the PETS  ON QUILTS blog hop!!!!


Gobble  (who is keeping her paws crossed!!)


Kris said...

Well, that little Gobble is darling!! As is his little friend!! I have a hard time getting my dog, Pollie to sit on a quilt because most of the time I keep saying, "git off the quilt - git off the quilt"!! Do you have it set up so your comments go to your email?? That way you can answer!!

Lisa said...

That is how I do it. It is in the design settings you have to put your email in and then when you get comments, they get emailed to you and it is easier to respond. I am a follower! Also, I find if I go to google search and put in what I am trying to do it will list places with the answers. I hope this helps.

Amy said...

Hey, I sent you an email a few days back. You won a pretty little set of Aurifil.

Sew Incredibly Crazy

Valerie Reynolds said...

Returning the visit! Nice to meet ya....added myself to your GFC.